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Believing For a Miracle in the Middle of One! – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about our journey with Jasmine.  Our family has been concerned about another member of our family, my father-in-law (Pop).  He’s been in and out of the hospital due to issues with his heart.  Last Wednesday while he was in  the hospital he went into cardiac arrest and it took the medical staff 17 minutes to get his heart started.  They had to intubate him and put him in an induced coma.  For the next several days the doctors told us to remain hopeful but prepare for the worst as they gave him a 50/50 chance of survival.  Their biggest concern was that his brain was damaged during the time it went went without oxygen.

So we rallied together – family, friends, church members – we united our hearts, attention, and prayers toward the God who calls himself our Healer.  I went in one night with a small group of prayer warriors (Pr Jason, Renee, Theo, and Junica) to stand in faith and claim Pop’s healing.  This was an incredible act of faith for me since almost 11 years ago I did the very same thing with my sister and sister-in-law as we surrounded my father’s hospital bed crying out for a healing and then stood and watched as he died.  I’ve learned that if you really want to honor God with the kind of faith that brings healing you can’t let past prayer experiences affect you.

The day after we surrounded him in prayer and claimed God’s Word over him the doctors began to bring him back from his induced coma.  During that time Chris’ brother approached his hospital bed and spoke to him and was amazed to see Pop  open his eyes.  He was then asked to wiggle his toes and he did!  (First ray of hope, thank You God!)

The following day he woke up fully, began to breathe on his own, and even started talking with us.  We now know that his memory is perfect and he is so mentally sharp that he wanted to know how long he was out for and what his recovery program will look like!

The doctors are amazed at how quickly he is recovering!  To quote a popular song, “You’re a good, good Father, that’s Who You are.  And I’m loved by You, that’s who I am!”

This miracle not only makes me grateful that God has saved Pop, but gives me renewed faith in Jasmine’s complete healing.  Next week we are taking her to a healing service in Baltimore that will be led by Mahash Chavda.  I’m going to be taking time between now and then to fast and pray with my friend, Junica.  I know that Chavda’s ministry has been fasting and praying for Jasmine as well.  I am determined to “pray forward”.  I have to intentionally refuse to doubt by asking God why we’ve prayed for her for so many years without results.  Today is a new day to believe and I believe that I need to reach out to touch Jesus as the woman in the Bible did, I need to break through the ceiling as the lame man’s friends did.  Whatever it takes I will bring Jasmine into the presence of not only the God who heals, but my God who heals!

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