• Debbie Howell

Begin & End With Worship – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

I love it when the Holy Spirit begins my day by leading me into worship. It happens once in awhile, but I want to grow my relationship with God to the point where every day I wake up with a song of praise in my heart.

This morning as I was getting up the Holy Spirit reminded me of the song “Jesus I Need You” by Hillsong so I looked that song up on YouTube, put on my headphones, picked up my hot drink, and I lifted my heart to God.

As I listened to my favorite part “Remember love, remember mercy, Christ before me, Christ behind me” I started thinking about how important it is to grow in faith every day as I hold onto my hope that God is Jasmine’s Healer.

I remember in high school one of my teachers, John Carter, told us that the best time to study for a test is right before going to bed because the last thing on our minds before we sleep is the first thing we remember in the morning. I may not need that tidbit of knowledge as a student anymore, but I can certainly apply it to my journey of faith. If I want to wake up every morning with a heart full of praise then the last thing I should do every day is to remember love and remember mercy as I fall asleep with a song or a Scripture on my heart.

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