• Debbie Howell

Another Version of Love

I love to look at different versions of Scripture (as long as they remain true to its original meaning). Today I read a very familiar text in the Passion Translation and it got me really excited!

"Love the Lord your God with every passion of your heart, with all the energy of your being, and with every thought that is within you." (Matt. 22:37)

What a great way to love God! This means that we are "all in" and passionate about Him. What's amazing is the exchange that takes place when we do this. Too often we get hung up by the next verse that commands us to "love your friend in the same way you love yourself." By friend, it means "everyone", even those who seem to have earned a degree in driving us crazy!

If we focus on loving others without first being passionate and energetic about our love for God, we will be defeated. We need to turnt things around. We need this "new version" of love. What I'm planning to do and encourage you to do as well is to make verse 37 my prayer...

"God I love you with every passion of my heart, with all the energy of my being, and with every thought that is within me". If we pray this as we begin our time each day praising Him and as we open our Bibles to seek Him, love will begin to flow through us and will naturally reach those around us, even those who aren't the easiest to love.

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