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An Opportunity to Share - Jasmine's Journey of Healing

Today our family has been invited to be guests on Real Family Talk on the Hope Channel. We will be interviewed by Willie & Elaine Oliver about our 12 year long story with Jasmine's lyme disease. It will be aired sometime in the fall.

Last night and this morning I sat with God to hear His heart on this matter. There have been years of ups and downs, breakthroughs and setbacks, victories and defeats. "What should I tell them, God? As I hang onto my own hope how do I extend it to others in a way that will grow their belief that you are a healing God?"

The answer came quickly and with a sense of peace, "Tell them My answer to your prayer for Jasmine's healing."

I realized in that moment that God had also answered a place of frustration I've been in. I've been raised to believe that God has only three answers to our prayers: yes, no, or wait. Something about that hasn't felt right in this journey of faith for me. It was in God's reply to me that I realized He has a fourth answer, the one I've been driven by for these past 12 years... "Debbie, seek Me. Seek Me with your heart, mind and soul; seek Me and you will find Me; seek My heart; know My Word as closely as you know your own breath. Don't get hung up in the 'whys' and 'hows'. Just seek Me."

I fully believe that in this "seeking" not only will we realize Jasmine's healing, but will be enabled to pray for and heal others as we travel and minister to those who are hurting.

So, today as I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my responses to their interview questions and as they ask me how I have held onto hope all these years I will be raw and vulnerable in my quest to seek God. I have told many people that I won't take no for an answer unless God speaks it directly to me. We've got to stop assuming that if we don't see our prayers answered after years and years of believing that it's because He has said, "No". There are so many levels of knowing God and understanding prayer that we will only realize in our quest of seeking Him.

God, today may our testimony instill in others a passion to seek You.

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