• Debbie Howell

Am I Praying Right?

Yesterday I spent some time with a dear friend of mine.  She has always been a woman of strong faith and integrity.  Many times she’s described her prayer life as “I just talk with God all day long”.  I’ve always admired her boldness for God and have loved the times that we’ve ministered together.

Yesterday, not surprisingly, our conversation focus was centered on God and prayer.  She’s going through a really tough time right now and it’s causing her to ask herself a lot of questions.  Questions about how we should pray, what prayers will God answer and what prayers won’t He answer.  What if our prayers involve God changing someone else.  Does it make a difference if we pray for that person or not?

As I listened to her grope around in the darkness enveloping her I realized that it’s not a bad thing to question God.  It’s not “heathen” to wonder if we’ve been praying the wrong way our whole lives.  It’s times like this that God calls us to go deeper in Him.

He is intimately involved in every day of our lives.  He loves to see us live by faith and share our faith, but He knows that without struggle there will never be growth.  It’s these seasons of self doubt that lead us to a greater understanding and EXPERIENCE of Him.

I don’t believe that there’s a “wrong” way to pray if we are sincerely seeking Him.  There are a lot of formulas for prayer out there that help us to understand prayer better, but God’s not tied to those formulas.  If we are questioning our prayer methods during a time of crisis I believe it’s because God is calling us to seek Him from a deeper place.

I love to read, listen to worship music, and scrapbook/journal my time with God, but when I really need to get heart to heart with God in prayer I always pick up His Word.  I want to share some of His Scriptures that illustrate my time with Him in the secret place of praying His Word.

God is passionate about His relationship with me.  (Exodus 34:14)

God made me so that I can seek Him, not just to grope around in the dark but actually to find Him.  (Acts 17:26-27)

God is revealing Himself to me through His Word.  (1 Samuel 3:21)

I revere God so He shares the secrets of His promises with me.  (Psalm 25:14)

Don’t get discouraged during times of doubt and struggle.  Use your time and energy to seek God with all of your heart.  The rewards of seeking Him are always amazing!

In Jesus’ name…

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