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A Word of Knowledge – Jasmine’s Journey of Healing

At 9:30 last night I received an unexpected text from my friend, Junica. She and her husband, Theo, had driven 2 hours to the southern part of Maryland to hear Mahesh Chavda speak. He is a man of God who has been preaching and healing people since the 70’s. This is what she texted me:

God is healing Jasmine. We were listening to Mahesh speak when he suddenly said he got a word of knowledge that someone here is close to a person battling with Lyme disease. She quickly raised her hand to indicate that he was talking about her. She went up front and he laid his hands on her and prayed for Jasmine’s healing.

Chris and I were so moved by this that we drove with them down to the church today to hear him speak. It was a powerful 2 hour question and answer session. Here are some of the notes I took as he spoke:

“Since Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow then He is a healer yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

“With miracles, start where you are and learn by doing. Be guided by examples in Scripture.”

“We get the best results in praying for miracles when we realize it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Jesus.”

“Healing can take time. Miracles are instantaneous.”

“Even in the miracle ‘failures’ know that the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit for that person is still working.”

“We are here to pray. The results are up to God.”

After the session was over Chris and I went forward to meet him. We introduced ourselves as the parents of the girl he prayed for with Lyme disease. He took each of our hands and began to pray for her again. In the middle of the prayer he stopped and asked me if she was married. When I said, “No”, he replied, “She will get married someday because the Holy Spirit is showing me that one day she will have a baby.”

What I love about his ministry is that he doesn’t shout or act theatrical. He’s kind and exudes the presence of Jesus.

As I thought about what God showed him as he prayed for Jasmine, what I took from it is that God is going to give her a full life. His healing is going to set her free from this disease so that she can be the woman, wife, and mom she wants to be someday.

His ministry is starting their next fasting and prayer time in September and they are going to include Jasmine on their prayer list.

When we got back home Theo and Junica prayed over Jasmine with us and we began thanking God for continuing to heal her.

My latest testimony of her healing is that she is eating full meals again! Since the end of last year the Lyme has made her so nauseous that she couldn’t eat much and lost a lot of weight. I am so happy to see her eating without any discomfort.

I purchased several of Mahesh’s books. He has written books on praying and fasting, healing prayer, and on the Holy Spirit. I can’t wait to read them. A big part of my journey toward praying and healing involves learning what others have lived out and experienced with God. Once I see that their lives are grounded on God and His Word I learn all that I can from them.

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