• Debbie Howell

A Place of Peace – Jasmine’s Story of Healing

Our prayers offered in faith are restoring Jasmine from sickness (Lyme disease) and bringing her to health. The Lord is lifting her up from the floor of despair as He forgives her sins. (Based on James 5:15)

A good friend of mine texted me several Scriptures this morning that I took the time to write down as prayers in a healing/prayer journal for Jasmine. The one above really spoke to my heart today. For the first time as I wrote out a prayer for her I felt the need to call out her specific illness by name as I prayed for healing. I believe that there’s power in naming the things that stand against the will of God as we bring them under the power of the Word of God.

Tonight I am in a place of peace and gratefulness to God because Jasmine has had a good day. I realize that real faith means that I can still have peace and gratitude even on the bad days, but I’m not there yet and I won’t let the devil make me feel guilty about it. God knows that I love Him and that my heart grieves anytime I see Jasmine suffering. My heart of love and compassion is from Him, so He is not going to judge me if my faith struggles on hard days.

Today I thought about the many ways that God has healed Jasmine over the last few years. The Lyme disease has affected her in so many horrible ways and it’s threatened to take her life more than once. The fact that she is still here with us, is not taking any drugs, and is getting the best treatment available is a miracle and I am worshipping God from the bottom of my heart. It’s important to celebrate every victory no matter how small because worshipping keeps us focused on God and grows our faith.

We are anxious to see her doctor tomorrow and to talk with him about all the pain she was in yesterday. We should be getting more blood test results back, including the ones for hepatitis, and she will continue her treatments.

I know that many of you are needing God to show up as your healer and I am praying that God will step into your stories and give you His peace as He fills you with His love.

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