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A painting of Hope- Jasmine's Journey of Healing

I continue to be in awe of God as He shows up in Jasmine’s story. Tonight we had the first meeting at our church to seek the Holy Spirit and ask for Him to teach us how to pray. One of my friends, who I haven’t had the chance to speak with for a long time, approached me after the meeting. She doesn’t know the journey of healing we’ve been on with God. She walked up to me and said, “God has been putting Jasmine on my heart. He is going to heal her.” That is the FOURTH person God has spoken through regarding her healing. Every day of this adventure reveals more and more of His love and faithfulness.

When I got home I saw a painting that Jasmine just finished painting. She’s going to send it as a gift to the doctor in Kansas who treated her. My husband posted it on Facebook with these words of hope:

Update on my daughter, Jasmine.

She’s doing MUCH better! Today she painted this picture that represents how she’s feeling (awesome use of color!).

The picture shows the hope that she’s now feeling. There are roots that go down deep into the “dirt” that she’s been battling for the past 10 years with Lyme Disease. But you can see the new growth that’s sprouting into the wam sun rays which represent hope. There are still storm clouds in the sky, but she now views this as rain that will nourish her growth.

She continues to heal and is making progress each day

Thank you all for your support of her. It means the world to us all!

PS….she painted this picture for the doctors that treated her at the

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