• Debbie Howell

A Full Expression of God's Love

As I study scriptures I love to look up the definitions of the words that really speak to me. This helps me go deeper into what God is trying to plant in my heart and mind.

This morning I decided to do this as I read 1 John 4:12 in The Passion Translation:

"You've made your permanent home in me and I've made my permanent home in you, and your love has been brought to its full expression in me."

I looked up the word "full" - Containing as much as possible; having no empty space; complete.

Then I looked up the word "expression" - The process of making known one's thoughts or feelings; a look on someone's face that conveys a particular emotion.

So my prayer for all of us is that the Holy Spirit will fill us so completely with the love of God that there would be no empty space. God's love will make us complete. And that we would express that love to everyone through our thoughts and feelings. That even the looks on our faces will express the incredible love of our Father!

In Jesus' name.... Amen.

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