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One Thing I Ask is an inviting, refreshing, encouraging, inspirational book for any Christian who is looking to develop, grow deeper in, or re-ignite their relationship with God through His Word.


This how-to book filled with powerful scriptures throughout begins each chapter with the authors riveting personal testimony of her Christian journey & real-life experiences and ends with teachings on relevant and practical ways to incorporate and make God's Word a personal part of one's everyday life.


This book is perfect for any Christian who hungers to know God more intimately and is searching for a more fulfilling relationship with God than ever before!


This photo was taken in a turret that was part of a Scottish castle room we stayed in. 


The rooms and castle look the same as they have for hundreds of years, which made us feel like we were stepping back in time.

Most of my writing for my books have been done during our international travels. New places, cultures, and history inspire me to write.